SUCCESSFUL SESSIONS are all about the prep!


Dressing for your session

By now you and I will have already picked a location that will showcase well in your home, reflect your desired approach to how you present yourself to your clients, or is cohesive to your branding and what we are trying to capture in our session.

We will discuss the look we'd like to portray and I will give you pointers on a color pallet that will showcase well. 

Look on Pinterest for inspiration and check out a color wheel!

Please–NO Black, NO Neons, and No White unless your going for a specific look that we have discussed!  

Layer up, pick clothes with textures, colors that complement each other and choices that look, and feel good. 

Please come to your session with your clothes pressed, free of stains, and ready to photograph. 

Call me if you have any questions or concerns. I am happy to help! 


I am always happy to set up a shopping appointment, lets hit a few stores and pick out things for your session together! (+$100)


Glitz and Glam

Put your best foot forward!

A few days leading up to your session drink lots of water. Being hydrated helps with lines and wrinkles!

Try to be well rested and get excited!

Come to your session prepared with hair and makeup done. 

If you can not do this yourself please consider getting this done by a professional. Makeup artist know how to shape and contour your face so that it photographs perfectly. I know not everyone wants the expense of hair and make up but remember this is an investment, pictures that will last a lifetime. 

When directing your makeup and hair stylist tell them what look we are going for, setting, and the color pallet we have decided on. 

Make sure everyone involved is well groomed, shaved, and manicured.